Saturday, October 24, 2009

Down on the farm

Okay - so Hill Ridge Farms doesn't seem to be a farm in any way. I didn't see a barn. Or things growing. There were some animals behind a double-layer fence. The pumpkins all had stickers on them that said "Appalachian Grown." But all my kids cared about was that it was their first field trip at day care. I went a little bit crazy with the picture taking because it's very rare I bring out the nice camera, and I knew some of the other parents either didn't bring theirs or didn't get the chance.

Eric and I took the day off to go with the class. About an hour's drive north of Raleigh, the "farm" is really a collection of fall-themed kids activities. Even with a 1-to-1 parent to child ratio, the trip was definitely a handful. There were tons of other day cares and school classes there without the benefit of parents, and I really don't know how those teachers stayed sane.

We left EPLC around 9 and got to the farm around 10 am. We hit the train ride first and took two laps around a big empty field. Then we split up to do our own thing for about an hour before our hayride to the picnic location. Most of this free time we spent standing in line for the big slide. After about 40 minutes we were about 20 people from the front when we barged ahead since we were going to miss the hayride otherwise.

Tons of bees at the picnic site, but luckily no one got stung.

We got 4 small pumpkins at the patch. Picking them out w/ kids means you want to make sure the kids can carry them themselves.

After 1pm, the place seemed to clear out, so it was back to the play area again. The kids played all together in the sandbox and then split up for the corn house and slide again.

We learned that Lily will not pee in a port-a-john where she can see if someone else has gone. So she went all day without peeing. Madeleine would use it but wouldn't let me in there with her. Awesome.

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