Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Stats from 4 Year Checkup

Lily: 391/2" (50th percentile) tall, 34 lbs (25-50 percentile)
Madeleine: 39 1/4" (50th percentile) tall, 35 lbs (50-75 percentile)

So pretty much the same now. They gave us a sheet with examples of developmental behavior, and the girls are right on target. Eric laughed out loud at these:
  • regresses to baby behavior periodically
  • has a penchant for silliness

They also had their first hearing test by themselves. We asked Lily how it went, and she said she had to say 'Beep'.

I asked the doctor a ton of questions about the flu. They were out of the FluMist vaccinations for the seasonal flu, so I need to check back about getting them done. She's recommending the H1N1 vaccination, but they have no idea when or if they'll get access to it. Odds are the girls will end up getting it before they would ever be vaccinated. We went over the list of symptoms that she would want me to bring them in for when the time comes, and it should last 4-5 days.

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LauraC said...

Hey one of my friends found out you can't do two mists within 30 days of each other.

So, if you get regular flu mist you need to wait 30 days until you can do swine flu mist and vice versa.