Monday, June 28, 2010

Weekend Recap

We tried to keep a low profile this weekend with the high temperatures so many illnesses going around. Saturday morning we worked in the garden some and doing some weeding. Lily was very excited to capture two worms and a millipede in her bug catcher. In the afternoon they went to the mall with Eric and got their faces painted at the Hello Kitty store.

Sunday was busier. We went to AC Moore to get some patriotic decorations so that next weekend we can hopefully participate in the kids parade at Bond Park on July 4. Then in the afternoon they came along to a baby shower for one of my hockey friends.

They did pretty good, but they were antsy the last hour or so. They had seen a playground outside as we pulled up and could think of nothing else the whole time. But it was 101 degrees out, so I only let them play for 5 mintues before we went home.

Lily making some artwork for Ms. Shelly.

Madeleine posing on the bench as people were leaving the shower.

Sunday, June 13, 2010


Lots going on this weekend.

First - the annual Race for the Cure. This was my 10th year participating and my 5th with the girls. It's not the most fun thing in the world for them, but it means so much to do it with them and hopefully convey the importance of it as they grow older.

This most likely will be the last year with the stroller, and this is the first year I pushed the thing myself the whole way. Although the girls did hop out a number of times to run and skip with Ms. Sharon.

When the race is over, we partake of the free food and head over to the kids area for activities and such. The girls did the Time Warner Kids Dash and were thrilled to win ribbons for their heat (Madeleine was actually first in her group).

Back at home, we took a nap before heading to the pool for 2 hours! This was our longest pool adventure yet. Both girls made sure they went under water plenty of times to qualify for ice cream and hopefully impress their teacher.
Sunday was super-busy as well. We went to a soccer birthday party for a classmate followed by the TMOTT Picnic at North Cary Park.
The girls liked the soccer party, but it was a lot of running. Even though it was indoors at Dreamsports, it was 100 degrees out, so the building was warm. Lily had to take a couple breaks.
Then we headed to the picnic to catch Happy Dan the Magic Man - the girls' favorite magician. They were mesmerized by him for about an hour and then patiently waited their turn for face painting. A thunderstorm was rolling in around dinner time, but we stuck around just long enough for pizza before leaving.
Since I had the "fancy" camera out, I thought I'd take some bath pictures. My friend Laura had done a black and white of her boys on her blog last week, so I wondered how it would look with them: