Sunday, April 19, 2009

Weekend Update

Madeleine recovered from her illness by Friday morning. Fever and vomitting over. She was back to eating again. But I kept both her and Lily home from school again. When I called day care on Friday, most of the kids who came down with it on Wednesday were back in school on Friday. We ran some errands in the morning and hit the park in the afternoon.

Saturday we went to the TMOTT Easter Egg hunt. They didn't do one last year, so it had been two years since we'd been to a TMOTT picnic. We were the first ones there a little before 10 am. I knew from past experience that the girls would want to spend a lot of time on the playground and not eating/egg hunting.

We were some of the oldest kids there this time, so there was only one egg hunt for all the kids, but they had a good time anyway. We played in the backyard Saturday afternoon and then watched Ratatouille together before bed.
Sunday we went grocery shopping and had a neighborhood cookout in the afternoon.
Lily and the rest of us still haven't gotten sick (yet). I'll give it a week though before I'm convinced we dodged a bullet.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Sick girlies

We finally got it - the stomach virus that's been going around since January. I've lived in constant fear of it for months now since it seems like I've known somebody with it pretty much constantly this winter. Even I had it back in January without Eric or the girls somehow managing to get it.

Then it hit the day care about 2 weeks ago. I've been slowly watching it worm its way around the building.

Madeleine wasn't herself when I picked her up this afternoon. I took her temp when we got home, and it was 97.5. It's NEVER been that low. She didn't eat dinner. Then around 6 pm, she said her tummy hurt really bad, so I took her to the bathroom. She's thrown up 8 times since then. I try and get water into her, but she's just throwing it back up.

Lily's been in a good mood so far, but I expect her to come down with it soon. Eric's been out for the evening, so I don't know about him. I'm feeling a bit nauseous myself, but it could be just from dealing with vomit for the last few hours.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Monday, April 6, 2009


We kicked off the first of the holiday activities with the Town of Cary egg hunt on Saturday. This was the first time the hunt has been held on a Saturday, instead of Good Friday, so I was excited the girls would get to go.

That said, the hunt started at 10, so we were there before 9. We got an awesome parking spot and headed for the playground. The girls love the Bond Park playground anyway, so it was a no brainer. I couldn't believe more people hadn't gotten there early as well.

Around 9:45 we headed over to the field. Two years ago at the TMOTT egg hunt, the girls were the youngest and didn't get many eggs. So we told them this time to run for the back, leaving the up-close eggs for the littler kids. Then they should only get 5 eggs.

Madeleine listened very closely. She immediately took off for the back of the field. We found her at the far fence. Way past the eggs. Lily figured she'd pick up whatever was closest. There were tons of eggs, so the Harris Teeter mascot was even helping her pick them up.