Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Then and Now - Egg Hunt Eddition

Our first egg hunt was in March 2007 and was sponsored by our local multiples group. It was the first time we'd done anything with the club as a family, and it was so nice to see other families just like ours. Most of our friends had singletons at the time, and to see other families playing man-to-man defense was refreshing. The girls only picked up a few eggs and were content to sit down and open them immediately in the field.

This year we did four egg hunts. It seems like they're the "in" thing now. First they had one at school. Then we did the Town of Cary one at Bond Park (above). Saturday I took them to the one inside at our gym, and then we ran around Grandma Sherry's backyard Sunday afternoon. It's not so much about the candy, but they enjoy the hunt itself.

In the past we've also done the Morrisville Egg Hunt and the one at Crossroads Plaza.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Then and Now

In May 2005, I told my mother I was expecting on Mother's Day. Her next door neighbor's daughter also told her mother she was expecting - but twins. I laughed. Kristin was two years younger than me, and she had an older son, Tyler. Then a month later she was the first person we called when I found out it was twins as well.

I had the girls in October, and 6 weeks later Kristin had her girls.

Mother's Day 2006 - we managed to all catch each other visiting with the Grandmas at the same time. The babies above are Madeleine, Hannah, Lily, and Sarah.

We don't see each other much except every Easter we seem to be at the Grandmas again at the same time. Today they were out taking family pictures by the same trees where Kristin and I had our prom pictures taken together.

In reverse order from last time - Sarah, Lily, Hannah, and Madeleine.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Royal Wedding

I'll be excited when it's over. Maybe then we don't have to reenact it so much.
Princess Lily
Prince Maddie

Nice ring selections.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Lest you think Lily is a delicate flower

Here are the girls at rock climbing on Monday. Lily is on the right.
Reaching the top!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Toothless Lily

It took her three months, but Lily's teeth finally caught up with Madeleine. She lost her first tooth Monday night. Of course it was so loose, Daddy barely had to pull. For the last week she hasn't been eating well because it was so uncomfortable, but she would barely let us touch it to wiggle. So I told her it was coming out Monday. We'd spent the day at the ballpark and then had rock climbing at the gym. She got nervous and was crying pretty much the whole ride home. Madeleine tried to play the supportive sister the best she knew how. She made funny faces, and she went and got Lily a bear to hold. So, Lily sat on my lap and buried her face in my chest. I opened wide with her while Daddy reached in. And then it was over just like that. She smiled. Ice cream sandwiches for everyone!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame

The girls' class took a field trip today out to Five County Stadium to see the Carolina Mudcats play. It was their first professional baseball game, and surprisingly they loved it. They'd been studying baseball for the last few weeks in school and were very excited to put that knowledge to good use. After the circus trip, I brought Grandpa Dave along for reinforcements in case I needed them this go round.
But I totally didn't. In addition to asking questions, they were into their hot dogs and chips. They did not even try the Cracker Jacks but did sing the song. They also had their first canned soft drink (Sierra Mist) and sipped at it slightly.

We had great weather. Chilly and overcast when we arrived (lucky me had a blanket in the car), but it was sunny and we were just inside the shady area for the rest of the game.

The park was pretty much filled with schoolkids since it was an 11am game, but they made it all the way through with minimal complaining. I'm happy to report the Mudcats won 10-4.

Sunday, April 10, 2011


We had a busy weekend - working on some Mother's Day gifts for grandmas, swimming at the pool, dinner out, and a birthday party. But something got them in the mood on Saturday to model some new clothes. Of course I didn't want to spoil the mood by running to get the "good" camera, so these are all I have.

What's funny is Madeleine is always looking over her glasses, and we have to remind her to push them up. But she complains if she doesn't have them on at all that she can't see very well.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Royal Ball

The girls have been studying the UK in school during March, and in preparation for the royal wedding in April, they had a royal ball on Friday. The girls were so excited they barely slept Thursday night and were up bright and early Friday morning. I think we were the first ones to arrive at day care at 7:02 am.
In addition to the festive attire, they'd spent weeks making decorations for their ball. We also bought cucumber sandwiches, and since then that's what Lily will ask for at every meal.

Here Madeleine is with a poor, unsuspecting boy who I'm sure didn't know what he was in for.

Next up is Morocco. I'm a little scared since that's the country where they did belly dancing at EPCOT.