Sunday, October 4, 2009

Birthday Party News

The girls' fourth birthday party was Saturday, October 3. After two years of having it at Planet Child with cupcakes, I thought it would be nice to do something different. I looked at the standard bounce party, a soccer party, Build-A-Bear, Tumblebus, and the children's museum. But with the number of kids I wanted to invite (this is the first time I invited kids from daycare), it wasn't just feasible with approximately 20 kids.

So, I went with a "dress up" theme, and we had the party at our house. I bought some gender-neutral and boy costumes, and the girls had TONS of princess clothing to share. I got a few craft projects from Discount School Supply (decorate a frame, color a crown, and make a necklace).

For food, I went with party trays from Chick-Fil-A for lunch. This is the first party I've ever had where there weren't very many leftovers. The nuggest and wrap/sandwich trays were GONE.

Even though the party started at 10:30, most people didn't get to the house until 11 or shortly after. Most kids went straight for the craft projects, and it took a while for the girls to warm up to the dress-up stuff. I think I only saw one boy don the Superman outfit.

I made homemade cupcakes again this year, this time with the girls' help for the frosting.

Most people left between 12:30 and 1pm, so I'm assuming everyone enjoyed themselves. The girls opened all the presents afterwards, and it was totally overwhelming. I apologize to everyone ahead of time about thank-you notes. I may not have gotten everything written down as Madeleine was opening faster than I could write, even in my crazy shorthand.

My mom-moment for the party was the favors. For the girls, I spent the last two weeks making tutu's for everyone to take home. I didn't get any pictures of them from the party because I didn't pass them out until people were leaving. Because the girls were changing clothes quite frequently, I knew some would get left behind, and I didn't want fighting over colors and claimed tutu's.
But here's Lily modeling ALL the tutus I made.

And here's the instructions for anyone interested enough to do these:

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