Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween Survival

We made it. It started last weekend with the "Spooktacular" at the gym, and wrapped up last night with trick or treating. We wore our costumes for approximately 5 different events, and no one changed their mind about what they wanted to be. Madeleine did change her mind about her witch hat by Saturday though and only wanted to wear mine. By Saturday night, Lily was still annoyed every time someone called her Spidergirl.

The Spooktacular at the gym was pretty fun and geared toward kids slightly older than them. Lily was more scared by the haunted house than Madeleine, and somehow they both sat still for an hour long magic show.

They're not bored in this picture. They're mad at me for wanting to leave.

Then for the fourth year in a row they came with me to work for the Global Knowledge Halloween festivities. Keeping them from getting bored this year was the "Wizard of Oz" show put on by accounting. The poor girls stalked Dorothy and were super excited to raid their treasure chest of gifts.

Then it was off to daycare for the annual parade. We marched down to the Tree of Life church again where they handed out some candy and then around the pond at the retirement community. It was only in the 60's, but the humidity was so high all of us were sweating by the time it was over.

Friday night we carved our pumpkins from the pumpkin patch. The one on the left is their teacher Ms. Rebecca. When I joked about doing a pumpkin of her, she thought I was kidding.

Saturday morning we hit the TMOTT party at 10. Madeleine promptly settled in to the coloring area and would have been there all morning. Lily got bored fairly quickly, so we covered her in tattoos and let her play pin-the-face-on-the mummy. I liked seeing all the little kids in their costumes, but it was really crowded, so I didn't get to check everyone out.

Trick or treating itself went well. We went up to the other end of the neighborhood first. Quite a few kids were already out, which was new for us. We'd always been the first ones. Lily decided she liked "girl" houses better than "boy" houses. But we did my whole parents' street before doing a couple houses on our own. They liked to say "Happy Trick or Treat!"

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