Wednesday, September 24, 2008

3 Year Pictures

We had our annual pictures taken today at Portrait Innovations. We've been going there since the girls were three years old, and I've been impressed every time. I end up spending a fortune, but I like that you get a CD of low-res pictures along with your order that you can use to email to friends, etc.

We've taken pictures there at 3 months, 1 year, and 2 years. Two years was by far the worst picture-taking experience I've had. They were everywhere and not wanting to cooperate at all. The shoot took almost an hour, and I was totally exhausted at the end.

So this year, I was hoping for better. I made a 9am appointment on a weekday and took half a day off work. The place is a zoo on the weekends, and of course, appointments run late. This way we know we're on time and not waiting around.

This year I was comfortable in their eating and playing skills at home that I dressed them in their first "outfit" prior to leaving the house. I hadn't done that one before, and it worked out well.

Then I only brought two outfit changes with me. I think we'd done three in the past, and that was just too much. They're having pictures done at day care next week, so I can do an additional outfit then if I really think it's necessary.

The second outfit was really just a change of shirt. I kept the jeans/shoes the same.

Daddy came with us. That's always a big help. We were able to get the girls changed very quickly.

Because it was going so well, we actually had a family picture taken this time. Unfortunately, my hair looks like I've been in a tornado without a comb. It was equally bad in all pictures. I'd blown it out too, but I guess with all the morning activity, the friz factor went into overdrive.

We were done in about 20 minutes. I think it was a world-record. They took 74 pictures. Eric took the girls to day care while I stayed and reviewed the pictures and the packages with the photographer. That way the girls aren't waiting for me to make up my mind.

And then the best part is that the photos are done in 20 minutes. I went next door to Party City to pick up some birthday party supplies, and everything was waiting for me when I got back.

I had an extra hour to myself, which I used to go home, fold, and put away laundry.

Monday, September 22, 2008


On Sunday we went to the Caniac Carnaval at the RBC Center. Last year we had tried to go, but got there just after everything ended with the girls nap time and all.

So this year we got there bright and early when it started. Most of the people were standing in the autograph line, so we headed for the giant toddler inflatable area. I was worried some of the activities were too old for the girls, but they soon got the hang of the ladders and slides and were on their own.

They played some floor hockey and had a snack of Dippin Dots ice cream. Lily tried it right away, but Madeleine was suspcious of something that was clearly not ice cream. Lily talked about how "chocolaty" it was.

The big surprise of the day was - Lily loves motorcross! They had a display of the flipping bikes, and she was so excited. Madeleine thought it was too loud.

Molly and Darren showed up around 11:30, so they joined us in the toddler area.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008


Lily: Madeleine, can I have your pudding?
Madeleine: You go girlfriend.
Mom and Dad: What?
Madeleine: Miss Briana says that.

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bad Mom Alert

The girls have been wearing sandals most of the summer, but lately Lily's been wanting to wear her sneakers more often. Most of the shoe offerings have been size 6 for Lily and size 7 for Madeleine. Lily mentioned her shoes were too tight the other day, so I thought I'd take out my home measuring thing and check her out. It looked to be about a 7, so yesterday we took a trip to the Stride Rite store.

According to their expert measurements, both girls should be wearing an 8. I felt horrible and told the guy in the store that. He tried to make me feel better by saying that their shoes have probably stretched along with their feet, so it would be hard to notice.

So anyway, I bought two pairs of shoes each, which is a ton of money in Stride Rite-land.

I've also decided to do a massive sock upgrade. They've been still wearing 12-24 m socks. I got some from Stride Rite and Old Navy this weekend and have the huge pile of too small ones ready to go out.

Other than that - we got a hair cut from JJ's Kids Cuts this weekend as well in anticipation of our 3 year photos. We also attended Cary Celebrates Sunset at the Ampitheatre on Saturday afternoon. The girls enjoyed the activities, which included hula hooping, story time with Cookie Mouse, face painting, and an obstacle course.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Halloween Costumes Arrived Today

Now they both like the Bat Girl outfit the best. So we switched after a little bit.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Labor Day Weekend Highlights

Let's see - Friday night we went out to dinner. Usually when we head out to eat the girls don't eat much. But the love pancakes, so I thought maybe if we ate pancakes out it would work. Sort of. Madeleine ordered blueberry, and Lily ordered chocolate chip. Madeleine wouldn't touch hers with the blueberry sauce on top, but Lily did eat hers. Luckily Grandma had a plain one, so Maddie did get something to eat :)
Saturday morning was just hanging around the house. We went to Target for some errands and later made ice cream in the Cuisinart. I'm always amazed they'll sit there for 25 minutes with their finger on the stop button just waiting for the timer to go off.
Sunday morning we went swimming at the gym with Grandma Sherry. Eric had used up his August guest pass already, so Grandma came along. Of all the weekends we went swimming this summer, Sunday morning was the best weather. It's a shame they don't have morning swim hours the rest of the year.

We stayed in the pool all the way until 11:20. Lily didn't wear a life preserver this time, and Madeleine took hers off after a while.
Monday morning we went to the Museum of Life and Science in Durham, and the girls had a blast. I can't believe we hadn't been before, especially since the girls get in free until they turn 3. We spent the whole time in the outside exhibits and never really even went indoors other than the butterfly house. They enjoyed the train ride, and walked pretty much the entire nature trail by themselves.