Wednesday, October 21, 2009

"Fair"ly Entertaining

No - the girls had an awesome time at the fair. I'm just not good at coming up with puns using the word "fair."
We didn't tell the girls when they'd be going this year since we weren't sure about the weather and didn't want them to be disappointed. Thursday night we let them know they needed to be good for the "surprise," but didn't tell them what it was. Friday morning I woke up, and they were both sitting in their room wide awake. The first thing Madeleine said was, "What's the surprise?"
"First, Grandma and Poppy are coming to visit." Yay! "And they're taking you to the fair!" Total joy.

Here we have proof for Mommy that we attempted to stay germ free.

A nice day to go as the fairgrounds weren't crowded at all.

Boarding the roller coaster. Eric said it was scarier than last year's, but they did good.

Lily checking herself out in a funhouse mirror. I wonder if she sees Madeleine?

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