Sunday, November 3, 2013

Note: this post is not Pinterest-worthy

Lily and I made baklava today.  It may not be authentic, it may not be pretty, but it worked for us.

Last weekend when we went trick-or-treating at Waverly Place, Taziki's was giving out samples of baklava.  Madeleine was having none of it, but Lily tried it and liked it.  She asked if we could buy some at the store.  Of course I didn't see anything at our local HT.

So this weekend I had a coupon for puff pastry and thought we'd try it.  Well, first of all "puff pastry" isn't the same thing as phyllo.  So a phyllo recipe isn't going to work the same.  Then I would have had to remembered to thaw phyllo 24 hours ahead of time.  Which I hadn't.  So I visited and luckily they had a baklava recipe.  And the dough had to be thawed only 40 minutes ahead of time.  Winner!

So Lily and I set to work shelling pistachios.  I think I have shells and errant nuts throughout my kitchen.


It gave us some good time to chat.

Then we got all our ingredients together.  By then the dough had thawed enough to roll out.
She loved chopping the nuts with the food processor.
Lily paints on the egg wash.
We combined the nuts, butter, brown sugar, and cinnamon in a sauce pan.
Baked pastry.
The tough part was splitting the pastry in half to fill with the nut mixture.  The outside was crisp and wanted to flake off.  Sometimes it was hard to pull apart.
The honey/sugar glaze has been applied.
Lily with her final product.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

So this happened today

After only about an hour