Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pumpkin Farm

This year we headed out to the Ganyard Hill Farm in Durham again. Sunday morning before 10 is definitely toddler time out there.

Lily went straight for the "Hay Mountain." I don't remember this being there last year, but I just might not have noticed. She was scared of the slide tube at first, but quickly got over it. She loved climbing to the top and was so proud of herself when she made it by herself.

Madeleine's obsession was filling her pockets with corn for the goats. She wasn't interested in feeding the goats necessarily, but just collecting corn in her pockets. Luckily we convinced her to feed them before we left.
The hay ride was fun as well. We learned our lesson from last year and didn't sit so close to the tractor, so the fumes weren't too bad. The girls weren't so interested in picking out pumpkins this year. Madeleine skipped the whole thing entirely, and Lily just wanted to lift them up and drop them.

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