Saturday, October 18, 2008

Party Time

Today we went to the annual TMOTT Halloween Party. I always like going to Multiples group functions because it's nice to see other parents having to chase after their kids like we do. I always see lots of nice costumes as well.

Madeleine and Lily ran into their friend Matthew from daycare right off, so they got into the activites pretty quick. Madeleine got a pumpkin tattoo, and they got to work creating their own trick-or-treat bags. Then they decorated a cookie with black icing. Lily did it quickly and then gobbled it down. Madeleine spent a lot of time getting the icing right and then decided not to eat it.

Their favorite part of the party was the trick-or-treat parade. All the kids lined up, and they trick-or-treated from mom to mom around the room marching. They got to go through the line multiple times, so it was extra-special. They have reenacted the parade many times at home since.

Lily was not interested in a group picture this year. We could only get her in the picture if we agreed she could make her "bat girl" face.

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