Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Beautiful Butterflies

Last night we stopped at the KFC on the way home to pick up dinner. I had promised the girls biscuits if they cooperated and got in the car at day care.

They like to go inside and wait rather than go through the drive through, so Lily was playing in the parking space next to the car while I buckled Madeleine back in.

"Look Mommy! A beautiful butterfly!"

A brown moth has landed on the ground near Lily. I think he's sick or something since he's landed so close to her and doesn't seem to be bothered by her attention. I go back to buckling Madeleine.

"Mommy! I build him a cave!" Lily has built a cave around the moth with cigarette buts she found on the ground. I make a mental note for extensive handwashing.

I get Lily into the car next, and Madeleine screams that it's her turn to see the butterfly. As I'm heading over to her side of the car, a minivan pulls into the parking space, crushing the moth and the cave.

And no one ate the KFC but Daddy.

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