Sunday, October 5, 2008

All Aboard!

This morning we went to the New Hope Valley Railway in Bonsal, NC. I hadn't been in 19 years, when my father's Kiwanis Club took us on a trip.

The girls aren't super-crazy about Thomas the Train like many other kids their age, but they love to watch the Amtrak train board at the Cary station each morning on our way to daycare. They spent 6 months reading the Polar Express every day, so I looked forward to a trip to the railroad all summer. Finally, the weather and the time slot cooperated this weekend.

It took them a while to warm up to the train. It was pretty crowded, even though we got there early. So we sat in one of the uncovered cars. The volunteers were all super-nice and loved to talk to the kids about the trains.

The ride lasted about 45 minutes. The girls loved making a "seat belt" out of our hands as they sat on our laps. Back at the station we had hot dogs (the girls just ate bun) and danced to a band they had playing in the gazebo. We checked out the garden trains one last time before heading home.

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