Sunday, October 26, 2008


Well I did it. I signed the girls up for their first dance class today. Hopefully all will pan out. It's called "Fancy Ribbon Dance" for children 2-3. It's only 4 weeks long and starts Nov. 13. The description reads: Tiny dancers will dance like stars in the sky while you watch the twinkle in their eyes! Dancers will learn ribbon twirls, spins, and a variety of dance patterns.

The class runs from 5:30 to 6:15 on Thursdays, so it's going to totally throw off the evening routine. But if the girls like it even half as much as I think they will, it will be worth it. Lily is now dressing like a ballerina EVERY day.


Pam said...

oh my gosh, that sounds like the cutest thing ever!

LauraC said...

Fancy Ribbon Dance?! A secret window into the life of girls! We're just signed up for swim classes.