Monday, January 31, 2011


Unless you've been living under a rock in Raleigh this past week, you're aware that this weekend was the NHL All-Star game here in Raleigh. Promised by the NHL many moons ago, it finally happened, and we were lucky enough to participate in some of the activities. Eric and I wore our 2000 All-Star jerseys to both the skills competition Saturday and the game on Sunday, and got lots of comments. We even posed for pictures with a bunch of drunk Canadians.

Madeleine had been feeling under the weather, but I wanted them to get a chance to participate somewhat in the weekend since odds are it won't happen again in their lifetime. Sunday morning we went down to the convention center for the NHL Fan Fair. We didn't stay too long and only checked out a few things as it was getting warm in there, and they were getting bored.

As you can see below, the girls LOVE sticking their heads through picture-taking things.

And we stood in line for well over an hour to try some of the hockey drills. Lily actually gets one here.

But, the girls' most favorite part is always the mascots and characters. Here they are stalking Ronald McDonald on the way out.

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