Sunday, January 2, 2011

Christmas Goodies

Chrismas was a joyous day around the Goodman household. Christmas Eve had us attending the Children's Pageant and Mass at Green Hope and eating snacks and opening presents at Grandma Sherry's and Grandpa Dave's. They had no problem going to sleep that evening. Everyone even slept until 7:15 am or so before waking us up.

The most anticipated gift of the morning was the Rapunzel tower that immediately needed to be assembled and played with.
After opening Santa's gifts, we packed up and headed out to Oak Ridge for a few days (see earlier snow post).

But what have we played with the most this holiday? Craft sticks and scotch tape. Here Madeleine is attempting to make a scepter (after playing the MobiGo Tinkerbell game).

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