Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Shoe Fetish

I took the girls shoe shopping on Saturday at Stride Rite. I usually wait for their Buy One, Get One half off sale. But this year they came up with a 25% off coupon. Since that's essentially the same thing, we headed out. I am not a shoe person, so it amuses me that the girls actually get excited about going shoe shopping and suggested it.

Madeleine's always had feet a half size bigger than Lily. When they were little, it was easy to just buy shoes in the larget size and pass them down. But now they're actually wearing them out and smooth on the bottom. So when we go shopping, everyone picks them. I'm lucky they only go up maybe a size per year.

We always go to Stride Rite and get measured. The guy who works at our local one is super-nice and good with the girls. He's been fitting them since they could walk and has been really good with suggesting styles and sizes. The second toe on both girls' feet sticks up a bit, so I want to make sure the shoes aren't pinching them.

Madeleine picked the pink pair above.
Madeleine was IN LOVE with this purple pair. She was so disappointed when they didn't have her size. I did manage to find it online and order it when we got home though.
And I got them both these blue ones. Lily also got a non-glitter pink pair, but they've both enjoyed the compliments they've gotten on their new glitter shoes.

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