Tuesday, February 8, 2011

And another one bites the dust

Madeleine lost her second tooth on Monday, this time at daycare. She was apparently eating Beanie Weenies when it came out and was pretty distressed. Not so much because it hurt, but because she was worried about swallowing it. Her teachers gave her a certificate for "first tooth lost at school," and she felt much better about it.

I'd had plenty of warning. I've been watching how the new teeth coming in have been shifting her bottom teeth all around. This tooth had been loose a few weeks, but got considerably more loose after jumping around at Monkey Joes on Sunday.

Neighborhood parents will be happy to note that this time the tooth fairy left $1, and Lily was not too disappointed to find that the tooth fairy didn't bring her money this time as well. She's anxiously pulling at her bottom teeth and telling me they'll come out soon, but they're still in there pretty tight.

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