Sunday, January 23, 2011


Outdoor ice skating is something I'd been wanting to try for years and hadn't gotten around to it. For some reason, I always assumed it would be crazy-crowded. This year the rink in downtown Raleigh is open past New Year's for the NHL All Star game next weekend, so I thought this would be a good opportunity since it has been so cold lately.

Now I know why it's never really crowded. Outdoor ice in Raleigh really sucks. Granted the outdoor ice I skated on growing up was only frozen puddles in the backyard, this was still pretty tough to skate on. Lots of ruts, and they couldn't even flood it because of a frozen hose. No worries though. Only about 5% of the actually rink attendees could actually skate.

But the girls had a great time, and we managed to stay about an hour. Madeleine was most interested in skating by herself.

Lily wanted me to hold her and see how fast she could go. She fell a lot more this time than last year, so she complained of a sore bottom because she "doesn't have enough tushie."

Madeleine passing a boy on the boards.

Lily and Daddy.

What a way to end the trip downtown - first trip to the Krispy Kreme at Peace and Person. Too many choices, but the best-tasting doughnuts in town.
(And Laura C - I did not intentionally copy your outing this week - it just worked out that way :))

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LauraC said...

If you're all the way downtown, you HAVE to go to KK!!