Saturday, May 31, 2008

Party Girls

Today was a super busy day. It started off with a trip to the mall to get our second official haircut, and ended with an outdoor wedding cookout.

Our first haircut had gone so well at Snip-It's in Briar Creek, I thought we'd go there again. They open at 9, so I had everyone packed up and in the car at 8:45. We pulled in the parking lot about 9:10 am, and it was obvious they hadn't even opened yet. There were 20 people sitting outside waiting to get in. Ugh!

So I remembered that the N&O talked about Sweet & Sassy opening up at the mall this week. So, we headed off to Cary Towne Center. I parked near Sears because I thought I remembered the article saying that's where it was located. Turns out I was wrong. It was as far from Sears as you could possibly get, and I didn't bring the stroller.

So we walked (or ran) the entire length of the mall. Being only 9:30, nothing was open except Cinnabon. We arrived at the salon approx. 20 minutes before opening. What to do to entertain two preschoolers for 20 minutes? Oh, it was hard.

But luckily, as soon as we opened, they were great to us. The receptionist greeted the girls and put glitter stars on their hands. They had one stylist in, and she was great with the girls. Madeleine went first, and Beckah couldn't believe how well-manered they were. Apparently she used to work at a Fantastic Sams and said kids used to hit her. Lily was a litte more fidgety that Maddie though.

My biggest point of dismay was their "finishing touch." Glitter in the hair. Lots of it. I have no idea how long it's going to take me to wash it out of their hair. In the meantime, it's all over everything.
From there, we went to get a cookie. I let the girls choose their own, and they picked double chocolate. The guy goes to ring us up, and the cash register won't work. I'm thinking, "Dude. Do not just put three cookies in a bag and not let us buy them." But luckily he kept trying plugs until he found one that worked. Madeleine at her cookie as we walked back down the mall. Lily held hers like a treasure until we stopped at a bench where she could sit down and eat it.

We sat down next to the carousel. Both girls begged to go on the horses. I reminded them of how much they didn't like it last time, but we went and bought tickets anyway. We were the only people on the thing this time, and the girls loved it.
By this time it's almost 11:30. Time to head home. But Madeleine has her sights set on the new toddler play area by Sears. She's by far the oldest kids in there, and is being kind of rough on the slide. She doesn't want to leave and just lies down on the floor in the middle of the mall screaming. Luckily, Lily was ready to go. So I just picked Maddie up, and Lily walked.

After nap, we headed to Anna and Jere's wedding party. We were some of the first arrivals, and sat down with the girls to have their afternoon snack. They had borrowed an inflatable jumper from a friend, so the girls spent a lot of time in and out of that. They had hot dogs and crackers for dinner, and entertained my friends with ABC and Itsy Bitsy Spider. The forecast had called for rain, but we lucked out and were precipitation-free.

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