Friday, May 9, 2008

Another poop post

I know it seems like I'm obsessed with poop these days, but with kids who are going through potty-training, I am. I remember back when they were little babies and we wrote down every diaper change and whether it was wet or poop. Now I'm back to analyzing it all the time.

Lily had her first big girl poop in the potty last night. The poor girl had been constipated all day and been complaining of having to poop. They put a diaper on her at day care just in case, but she still wasn't able to go. Finally last night, after 5 trips to the potty, she managed to get it out. Boy did she look pleased with herself! She yelled for daddy to come look.

But poor daddy was busy getting Madeleine downstairs ASAP because she had to go poop too, and we were on the upstairs toilet. Poor Madeleine didn't make it in time though.

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