Monday, May 19, 2008

CBC Big Bash

Today we took the girls to their 2nd annual CBC Big Bash MS Fundraiser at the Carolina Brewing Company in Holly Springs. As usual, they had a great time, largely due to the toddler-sized bounce house at the party. This year they were also interested in the clown and balloon animals as well.

But not so much in the food. They enjoyed their Bella Monica pizza, but were not interested in cole slaw, mac and cheese, or the other food from inside. They did each have quite a few Oreos.

The bathroom situation went okay. I'd brought a little potty to use outside since I knew there'd be a line for the women's room inside. But Lily's infatuation with real bathrooms continued. She didn't want anything to do with the little potty, just the big one in the building, no matter how long we had to wait.

We left about 5:45 as storm clouds approached.

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Harris Boys said...

omg, they adorable..I love seeing their pics on the nest and now seeing them in action makes me so excited for when my boys get to that age.