Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Vacation - all I ever wanted

We were able to get away last week for a few days to the beach.  It was my first trip to Myrtle Beach since our 1990 senior beach trip, and a LOT has changed.

Based on friend recommendations and the weather, we stayed at the Dunes Village resort way north of central Myrtle Beach.  Since I had no idea what the weather was going to be like, I wanted somewhere with a lot of indoor activities, and their indoor water park looked pretty fun.  When I first looked in February our dates were 25% off, but I was scared by their cancellation policy and didn't book until March when it was 20% off and I had to book a Queen suite instead of just a studio.

But the suite was great.  Eric, Madeleine, and I slept in the bedroom while Lily slept by herself on the murphy bed in the living room.  It was nice to be able to just hang out while they were asleep and not be in the dark too.

I didn't bring a camera to the water park/pools, but you can check them out on their site.  We preferred the park in the Palmetto tower with the lazy river over the one in the Palms Tower which seemed more for the teenage set.  But we were in the parks for HOURS the three days we were there (arrival on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday).

Saturday it finally got sunny so the girls were able to enjoy the pirate play area. 

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