Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Last of the beach trip

Saturday the weather finally cleared and was nice - of course our last full day at the beach.  We headed out early to check out WonderWorks at Broadway at the Beach, and it was better than I expected.  No line at all, and practically empty even.  We had plenty of time to check out the exhibits without feeling overcrowded.

Lily on a bed of nails.


Astronaut Madeleine

The highlight was the indoor ropes course.  I had figured Lily would be too scared to go up, so we'd hold down the fort while Madeleine and Eric were above us, but she ended up going up as well.  No pictures because we had to lock everything up in a locker so nothing fell off.  Super proud of my brave girl.

We walked around Broadway at the Beach some more before heading back to the hotel for more swimming.  The girls loved the pirate ship playground by the beach.


And they loved learning to play shuffleboard.


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