Friday, March 23, 2012


Yesterday was the school science fair. I'd never participated in/attended a science fair before, so this was a first for me too.  The younger grades had a joint project or a class project, and the older grades had individual projects.
Despite being in separate classes, both Lily and Madeleine got to participate in the group doing the kindergarten project.  Here Lily explains to us what they did with their balloons.

Madeleine liked the first grade balance projects.  Here she's adjusting clothespins on wire to try and balance the pencil on its tip.

They were very excited and we visited EVERY project to see what it was about.  Favorites were the worm soil preference, the baking soda volcano, and of course, the solar system projects.  We left with Madeleine demanding that we hit up Michaels for some styrofoam balls as soon as possible.  After lights out at bedtime she used up most of the tissues in their room making balls and taping them together to make planets.  Luckily she fell asleep before she got around to figuring out how to color them.

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