Saturday, March 17, 2012

Working at the Car Wash

I told the girls one of the things I wanted to do this weekend was clean my car.  I mostly meant the inside.  It doesn't get too dirty with food and such anymore, but mostly clutter.  Discarded jackes, sunglasses, braclets, toys, papers, etc.

But they had other ideas.  We bought our first grown-up looking swimsuits at Old Navy last week.  Gone are the toddler-sized Target ones this year.

 Madelein's solution to not getting her feet dirty (the sandals weren't working).

 Helping Madeleine out of the bucket.  She did end up falling backward and spilling water everywhere.

 Mom - isn't it easier to just dump soapy water on the car?

 Silly break.
 If no one's going to spray me, I'll spray myself.

 Love the water.
And finishing up with Lily in the bucket.

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