Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Give me a break!

I had this brilliant idea we should go to Washington DC the first weekend of the girls' spring break.  We hadn't been out of town overnight for a vacation-type trip since our trip to Great Wolf Lodge in June.

After consulting a few friends in the DC area, I picked a hotel in Arlington that was affortable, had an indoor pool, and near a Metro station.  We lucked out and had pretty decent weather throughout our trip - even though you can see we were in long pants and jackets.  We drove up on a Thursday night after work so we could be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed the next day. 

We headed to the National Zoo first because I figured it would be the least crowded on a weekday and the weather was supposed to be sunny and 63.  Turned out to be cloudy, sprinkles and 53.  Many animals didn't feel like coming outside, so we had to see them at the indoor buildings.

Here's one of the pandas Lily was so excited to see.  Since I was shooting through glass, I didn't want to use the flash and even shooting at 1600 ISO they were just moving too fast to get a crisp picture.  So I figure that's what postcards are for.  But Lily loved getting a chance to see them eating their bamboo.

 Every statue and sculpture the girls climbed on and wanted me to take their picture.

 The lions were VERY active.  After getting it on with one of the ladies, the male lion walked around showing his teeth and roaring.  The girls were surprised at how loud it was.  Luckily they didn't ask any questions about why he was sitting on one of the other lions.  It was over pretty quick.

 Since parking was over $20 for the day, we took the Metro from the hotel to the zoo.  It was only a couple of bucks for each of us.   We entered from Connecticut Ave. and then had the uphill walk back when we were done.  I kind of wish it was a little more circular, but elephant and sea lion areas were closed for improvements.

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