Friday, August 19, 2011


I'm not sure why, but one of the things I always wondered about the girls is the timing of their teeth. I don't really know who had the first tooth because Lily was never one to let people look into her mouth, so I just assume it was Madeleine. However for some reason I thought they would fall out on the same schedule. I even asked the dentist about it repeatedly.

But I was wrong. Madeleine had her first loose tooth last December, shortly after turning 5. It took about a month to come out, so she lost it in January. Lily's were all in there pretty solid, and she was disappointed. It was about 2 months before Lily lost the same tooth.

In the meantime, Madeleine lost four front bottom teeth, and Lily's lost just two. So then both their top teeth started to be loose. Madeleine's wanted to pull hers out for weeks, but it was just loose enough last week to give it a shot. Lily wouldn't let us touch hers until it was almost falling out by itself. The gap was so bad it looked like it was already gone.

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