Saturday, August 20, 2011

Swim Test

Because we were doing after school care at our school through the YMCA, we joined the Y this summer. But since we also still belong to Lifetime, as it's more convenient, we hadn't been to the Y yet this summer. Since the girls start the program this week, I wanted them to at least see the building and try out the pool.

It was very different from what they're used to. There's a baby pool, a sprayground, and the main pool is 4 feet deep. The pool at Lifetime is a zero depth entry pool, so they've never really been anywhere where they were instantly over their heads.

Both Lifetime and the Y have a slide as well. At the completion of her swim lessons this summer, Madeleine and Lily are able to ride the slides at Lifetime. They're the required height and can swim the distance from the slide to the exit. So they've been riding the slides there whenever they get a chance.

So Madeleine was dead set on riding the slide at the Y too, but I knew that the requirements were more strict. She had to pass a swim test and get a band (pictured above). For the swim test she had to jump in where it was over her head, go under, come up, and swim 12 meters. Then she had to tread water for 30 seconds. Pretty much the whole time we were there she practiced and after an hour took, and passed, the swim test.

She had time for one trip down the slide before we left for the day.

Lily cheered her sister on but isn't ready for the test yet. She's not particularly buoyant and gets scared easily. She was a little sad that she doesn't have a band too, but I think she's okay with it. But she does LOVE that sprayground.

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