Thursday, August 25, 2011

First Day of the Big K

The girls had their first day of kindergarten today. Our district has staggered entry where the kindergarteners only attend one of the first four days of school. They aren't assigned a teacher yet and are evaluated. Then we'll go back to school for "Meet the Teacher" day on Wednesday for a few hours and find out our permanent assignments before starting on next Thursday.

We drove them to school and checked them in a little before nine. Since I'd read (and followed) the directions mailed to us by the school, it only took a few minutes before they were on their way down the hall. All day I wondered what they were doing.

I picked them up right at 5 (they're doing the after school program through the YMCA), and they were very excited. I grilled them about everything, but didn't get much in the way of details. Yes, they were separated for most of the day except for lunch and recess. The teachers asked them lots of questions and there was lots of talking. Madeleine was upset they said she was too young for the monkey bars. They were excited that some of the Y counselors were the same ones from the camp they did earlier this week.

Contrary to the popular rumor, they did not just crash tonight. They were pretty keyed up and stayed up almost an hour later.

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