Wednesday, August 31, 2011

On pins and needles

Here in our school district, kindergarten had what's called "staggered entry." You go for one day during the first week of school with a smaller group and meet all the teachers. Then at the end of the period you are assigned to your class and start on your real "first day" a week later. For working parents, this can create quite a situation. Both our old daycare center and the YMCA (our new childcare option) had additional options for childcare during this week, but I thought it would be nice to use this time for some family activities that we'd wanted to do during a time that would be less crowded.

So we took the Amtrak train from Cary to Charlotte to visit the Discovery Center in downtown. This is not the fastest or cheapest way to travel from Cary to Charlotte, but I thought it would be the most entertaining and give us a change of pace. Driving down and back in one day is a lot of driving, and this way we could spend time with the girls or get up and walk around if we needed to. Plus, I didn't have to worry about parking or anything.

It was a three hour ride, and we took a taxi from the train station to Discovery Center. We stayed from 10:30 am until around 4:30 pm. We ate at their cafe for lunch and got sandwiches to go to eat on the train on the way home. On the train they ate, knitted, colored, and watched videos on my iPod.

The girls loved the kids room on the first floor, especially the building toys.

They have the CitiBlocks at the Museum of Life and Science as well, but the girls were very excited to spend a lot of time working on their creations.

An experiment on wind.

Our bright and shiny morning at the Cary Amtrak.

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