Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Toothless Lily

It took her three months, but Lily's teeth finally caught up with Madeleine. She lost her first tooth Monday night. Of course it was so loose, Daddy barely had to pull. For the last week she hasn't been eating well because it was so uncomfortable, but she would barely let us touch it to wiggle. So I told her it was coming out Monday. We'd spent the day at the ballpark and then had rock climbing at the gym. She got nervous and was crying pretty much the whole ride home. Madeleine tried to play the supportive sister the best she knew how. She made funny faces, and she went and got Lily a bear to hold. So, Lily sat on my lap and buried her face in my chest. I opened wide with her while Daddy reached in. And then it was over just like that. She smiled. Ice cream sandwiches for everyone!

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