Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Then and Now - Egg Hunt Eddition

Our first egg hunt was in March 2007 and was sponsored by our local multiples group. It was the first time we'd done anything with the club as a family, and it was so nice to see other families just like ours. Most of our friends had singletons at the time, and to see other families playing man-to-man defense was refreshing. The girls only picked up a few eggs and were content to sit down and open them immediately in the field.

This year we did four egg hunts. It seems like they're the "in" thing now. First they had one at school. Then we did the Town of Cary one at Bond Park (above). Saturday I took them to the one inside at our gym, and then we ran around Grandma Sherry's backyard Sunday afternoon. It's not so much about the candy, but they enjoy the hunt itself.

In the past we've also done the Morrisville Egg Hunt and the one at Crossroads Plaza.

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