Monday, April 11, 2011

Take me out to the ballgame

The girls' class took a field trip today out to Five County Stadium to see the Carolina Mudcats play. It was their first professional baseball game, and surprisingly they loved it. They'd been studying baseball for the last few weeks in school and were very excited to put that knowledge to good use. After the circus trip, I brought Grandpa Dave along for reinforcements in case I needed them this go round.
But I totally didn't. In addition to asking questions, they were into their hot dogs and chips. They did not even try the Cracker Jacks but did sing the song. They also had their first canned soft drink (Sierra Mist) and sipped at it slightly.

We had great weather. Chilly and overcast when we arrived (lucky me had a blanket in the car), but it was sunny and we were just inside the shady area for the rest of the game.

The park was pretty much filled with schoolkids since it was an 11am game, but they made it all the way through with minimal complaining. I'm happy to report the Mudcats won 10-4.

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