Sunday, April 24, 2011

Then and Now

In May 2005, I told my mother I was expecting on Mother's Day. Her next door neighbor's daughter also told her mother she was expecting - but twins. I laughed. Kristin was two years younger than me, and she had an older son, Tyler. Then a month later she was the first person we called when I found out it was twins as well.

I had the girls in October, and 6 weeks later Kristin had her girls.

Mother's Day 2006 - we managed to all catch each other visiting with the Grandmas at the same time. The babies above are Madeleine, Hannah, Lily, and Sarah.

We don't see each other much except every Easter we seem to be at the Grandmas again at the same time. Today they were out taking family pictures by the same trees where Kristin and I had our prom pictures taken together.

In reverse order from last time - Sarah, Lily, Hannah, and Madeleine.

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