Sunday, February 13, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

I'm kind of a dork. Since the girls were old enough to distribute valentines, we've always made them ourselves. The first year, when they were 2, I think we did just one valentine from the both of them. I made hearts and put their picture inside of them "coloring" their valentines. Then the next few years we did something similar.

This year their teacher at their new school asked that they create "blank" valentines with only their names on them to distribute on Monday so that things go quicker. It took a while for the girls to get this into their heads. Both Lily and Madeleine wanted to know who each one was for. Plus, with the number of kids in their class this year, we had to make 40.

So I bought some cardstock and used the Creative Memories tools to create some hearts. They raided my stickers and the glitter glue, and voila, two hours later we had some snazzy creations.

(Note the lack of glitter that will fall off - I still have at least a pound in the car from the last project)

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