Sunday, February 27, 2011


With the weather being so nice this weekend, I thought it would be fun to go somewhere and do something since we've been cooped up sick most of the winter. I asked the girls if they'd like to go to the zoo. The answer was no. They'd rather hit up the science museum.

Of course we hadn't been since last June and I'd let our membership lapse, so we got there at the public opening time at 10. This was the first time the girls played with the Keva blocks, and I think they could have stayed there the whole time.

Here we are playing with the screen.

After taking lessons, climbing the wall in the preschool play area didn't seem that challenging.

Madeleine and Lily always try to get a butterfly to land on them in the butterfly house. This time one not only landed on Madeleine, but she got to hold one. It looks like a leaf folded up but was beautiful on the inside when it opened its wings. While trying to hand it back to the volunteer, she screamed as it flew off.
The other big hit was the origami display. Madeleine was easily able to make the paper cup and waited her turn in front of the computer for instructions to make the cicada and butterfly as well.

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