Monday, September 20, 2010

Model perfect

If you've already seen these, please feel free to move along. We took the girls to Portrait Innovations for their five year-old pictures this weekend. I swore I wasn't going to buy as much as in the past since they also have school pictures this week, but I did.

Their photographer was Ryan, and of course the girls thought he was super funny. I LOVE Lily in the picture below because that is such a natural smile for her.

There was a family there with 18-month old triplet boys. Two of the three boys totally melted down, and I really felt for the parents. I remember how hard that two year shoot was when they were mobile and not really into listening. I had my parents there for reinforcements and was still exhausted after the hour-long shoot.

But now it takes us about 20 minutes, even with two outfit changes.


Courtney said...

Those are SOOOoooo CUTE!!! I can see why you ended up buying a lot!

LauraC said...

Ridiculously cute!!