Sunday, October 3, 2010

5 Years Ago...

I was admitted to the hospital to have my girls.

That Monday started out like any other. Work with a noon appointment at Rex for my twice-weekly BPP ultrasound. They did measurements, blood flow, etc. Then we waited for the girls to show "breathing." Madeleine was fine, but Lily wasn't moving her diaphragm. We tried for close to 20 minutes to stimulate her with loud noises, movement, etc. No go.

The ultrasound tech called Dr. Ivester in. He tried for a bit but was unsuccessful as well. Then he looked at me and said, "It's time."

Inside I screamed, "Noooooooooo! We need two more weeks!" He said he was on duty on Tuesday, so he wanted me to get to the hospital for a pitocin drip. He was going to induce labor. Again , "Nooooooo!" I'd figured on a c-section the whole time and totally didn't pay attention in birthing class.

Then the tech leaned in and pointed out that I was only 33w3d. He'd thought I was almost 35 weeks, not 34. That changed things. So, instead he wanted us to go to UNC to do another NST.

We went home, packed a bag just in case, and headed up to L&D at UNC. They hooked me up to to the monitors, and everything was just fine. Eric and I started discussing where in Chapel Hill we were going to go to dinner. I think we'd decided on Tyler's Tap Room in Carrboro.

As the resident was checking me out, I asked her about the possibility for leaking fluid. For the last month or so, I'd felt wet after using the bathroom. I'd talked to the other women in my birthing class about it as well as Dr. Ivester, but since it was only occasional, they didn't think it was anything.

She said it was an easy test, so we checked it. When she came in with the results, I knew we weren't going anywhere. I'd failed two of the three tests. They admitted me to L&D and started the first of two steriod shots. The plan was that I would have the girls after the shots.

Dr. Ruma was on duty that night, and he came in with his contingent of residents to evaluate the situation. With Madeleine (Baby B) being transverse, he'd prefer a c-section if I needed to deliver while he was on duty. So with that, I felt we were good for delivery on Thursday.

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