Monday, September 13, 2010

Roller Coaster....of love

Lily was singing this song all weekend. They apparently played it at her gymnastics class last week, but it totally describes our crazy weekend.

Saturday morning we went shopping at Old Navy because I realized we didn't have any light jackets and it was chilly. They have nice coordinating things, so the girls look similar but not matchy-matchy.
In the afternoon we went to the fair at Saint Rapheal Church in North Raleigh. I remember going when we first moved here and thought the girls would like the rides.

I think we're almost to a point where they're outgrowing the kiddie rides. They got bored on some fairly quickly, but the Scrambler and the roller coaster were more exciting. They also had more fun on rides where they sat together rather than alone.

Sunday afternoon was Nixon's birthday party at Davis Drive park. Nixon's mom had an animal educator bring out 8 animals for the kids to touch and learn about. She had a rabbit, a python, a turtle, a blue-tongued skink, two frogs, a tarantula, an opossum, a hedgehog, and hissing Madagascar cockroaches. It was an all-girls party, and I was surprised that almost everyone wanted to touch even the slimiest animals.

Lily checks out the tarantula.

I don't have a lot of pictures of Madeleine with the animals since she was on the other side. But she was super thrilled to hang out with her friends from her old class at EPLC.

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