Friday, August 22, 2008

Wiggly Update

Today was the Wiggles' first Raleigh concert. For those of you not intimately familiar with my family, the girls love the Wiggles. With Lily especially, it borders on obsession. Until recently, she wouldn't even watch other shows. So when I heard they were coming to Raleigh, I immediately bought tickets during the pre-sale.

We've been talking about the event for some time, and they were very excited to go today. Lily got up and wanted to wear her "Wiggle" shirt. Miss Briana did their hair pretty at school just for a night out on the town.

Then we went and picked up KFC for dinner so that we could "tailgate" in the parking lot at the RBC Center. I got popcorn chicken, biscuits, and potato wedges. Lily had her standard two juice boxes, and Madeleine drank one. The girls ate more than I expected, but they definitely could not wait to get inside.

It was 40 minutes until show time, so I wanted to walk the concourse a bit. The lines for the merchandise tables were huge. I had wanted to get them some shirts but thought better of it. Instead I got a program, and we went to our seats to have a read. Daddy went and got us some popcorn, which Lily immediatly spilled quite a bit of.

For the next half hour, Lily, along with every other kid in the arena, asked where the Wiggles were every two minutes. Finally, the lights dimmed around 6:35, and the show started. The opening act was a couple of clowns and a ballet montage. I thought it was great, but the kids were really ready for the Wiggles.

Lily screamed. It was so funny, but it brought tears to my eyes that she was so excited. The clapping kind of scared Madeleine at first, but she warmed up after a bit. Apparently the Big Red Car wasn't functioning, so poor Anthony had to push the thing around.

The show went for an hour and a half, and no mistake about it, this must be the hardest working crew in show business. They played a ton of songs - most of them old favorites. They also played to the parents as well . There was a Stairway to Heaven interlude, and Lily got down the most to a version of Superfreak.

Of course, when the show was over, the girls were very sad. Lily just cried the whole way out of the arena. I didn't see any other kids yelling that much, but it was over an hour past bedtime for her. She screamed all the way home, "I want the Wiggles!" Madeleine was just upset we left the popcorn.

Here they are pointing their fingers and doing the twist:

Both girls passed out when we got home.

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