Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend Update

We were pretty busy this weekend. Since the weather was cooler, we took the girls out to North Cary Park Saturday morning. They did the usual sand area, slides, and climbing. But we also took a short walk through the park to see the climbing rock and volleyball courts. The girls had lots of questions about both.

Saturday afternoon we did water play. After discovering a leak in the front yard, Eric and I thought better of filling up the pool, so we just let them play with buckets and containers. They had just as much fun. In the shade, the were going to get cool fairly quickly anyway. Lily only ate biscuits for dinner, but Madeleine did eat her chicken and mashed potatoes.

Sunday morning it was stormy so we just stayed in. I considered it a huge success we got away with only watching 3 episodes of our new favorite show, Blues Clues. They did a lot of coloring and made up some "games" based on things they'd done in Jumpbunch. The love taking turns being a coach or teacher and telling Mommy what to do.

Sunday afternoon we let them pick the activity, so we went to Jumpin Beans. They had a really good time. Madeleine was a little nervous to go places where other adults were without me. I only noticed one grandmother staring at us for a very long time. I couldn't tell if it was the twin thing or the fact that I had two girls, and she had brought two boys. Just before leaving, she got the nerve to talk to me. It was the twin thing.

They barely ate any dinner again. I gave them plenty of choices: burgers, potato chips, sesame noodles, mozzarella/tomato salad, and grapes. They "tried" the burger and then ran off to play. There was only bun consumption when I actually checked the burgers.

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LauraC said...

Hey we almost always go to North Cary Park on weekend mornings! It's within walking distance from our house. And the boys have recently started watching Blues Clues too.