Thursday, August 7, 2008

Fashion Plates

The girls have been wanting to pick out their clothes for a few months now. And as long as there's no safety hazard involved, I let them. It has led to us leaving the house in a few questionable outfits. But, we make it out in 40 minutes.

While Madeleine didn't exactly match today - at least she didn't have two left feet! I didn't realize Lily had two left sandals until we were already at day care.


Katie said...

SO cute! And so glad to discover your blog as well! The girls are so incredibly precious, and I actually like their fashion sense. Looks very couture. ;) I can totally see this photo resurfacing many years down the line - and played in a slideshow at their wedding rehearsal dinner. Such great memories that will be for them!

LauraC said...

They are precious! Makes my ovaries hurt for a little girl to put in a dress!

PS. Email me about playdate at the pool!