Sunday, July 20, 2008

She's Crafty

This weekend, we did a number of hands-on activities with the girls. Inspired by the crafts tables at our trip to Marbles last week, I went to AC Moore and got some additional supplies. Here's what we did that was new:

I got some washable stamp pads from Michaels along with some cheapo $.66 stamps. I also found a couple of stamps I had lying around the house. So I let the girls stamp around on paper. They really thought it was cool.

Paper scraps
I have a ton of small paper scraps from scrapbooking that I've been hoarding for years for no particular reason. The girls aren't strong enough to use the scrapbooking punches I have (heck, most adults aren't), so I punched the paper into stars and hearts while they glued them to the paper. Lily especially liked the wave-shaped "ocean" scraps. The girls used glue sticks, and it took them a while to get the hang of it. Madeleine was disappointed it wasn't plain old Elmers.

Other weekend activities:
  • Helped me make pancakes on Saturday. This was the first time having them at home. I used the molds Grandma Goodman got us years ago, so we had heart and flower-shaped pancakes.
  • Trip to Cary Library. Another first. Post nap we went and read books. We checked out 5 to take home. Madeleine was very upset when it was time to leave.
  • Play Doh - I let them break out one of the tool sets they got for their birthday last year. It had the rolling pin, a bunch of cutters, and a press. But, they liked making round "cookies" cut from the empty containers the best.
  • Water play - Sunday afternoon we filled up the kiddie pool. Squirt guns were a hit again. They started getting bored after half an hour, so I put the slide in for them. That gave us another half hour of fun. And it helped soak out the extra "washable" ink left on their bodies.

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