Sunday, July 6, 2008

Long weekend update

We started off the weekend with an overnight at Grandma and Grandpa Bench's house so that Mom and Dad could enjoy dinner at the 42nd Street Oyster Bar for CBC's 13th anniversary.

Friday afternoon we headed out to Pittsboro for a cookout with Jerald and Hunter. This is now our third year spending the holiday with them, so it's officially a tradition. Hunter shared with us her happy news that they're officially pregnant. Since this pregnancy is a result of an IVF treatment, tomorrow they'll be finding out how many babies they are expecting. So we may find ourselves not the only parents of multiples in our circle of friends. The girls had a great time at the visit, and got quite loud playing "bed time" while we were finishing up dinner.

We left around 7 or so, and the thunderstorms hit pretty big around 9pm or so.

Saturday morning we just hung out around the house. In the afternoon we set up our new kiddie pool in the driveway. It was kind of cloudy, so it wasn't super warm. We spent about half an hour out there before Lily got too cold.

My favorite part was the swimsuits. Eric said something to the girls about how it looked like the fish were kissing. So they smashed bellies so that the fish on Maddie's belly kissed the fish on Lily's belly.

Sunday morning it was cloudy and cool, but we headed out to the pool at the gym anyway with Aunt Laura. The girls survived well and even managed to try a few new things. They're always disappointed that the little slide isn't outside. We had pizza lunch at the cafe and took Aunt Laura home.

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