Thursday, April 5, 2012

Museums R Us

We hit up three of the mall museums while in DC: the American History, Natural History, and the Air and Space Museum.  I had a few other "maybes" depending on the weather an the girls' mood, but I think three was about all we could stand.
 American History was first.  Most of it was being renovated, so we went through it fairly quickly.  I was surprised at how much the exhibits had changed since I was last there.
 We had to drag the girls away from every mannequin.

 We spent the most time in Natural History.  We went in to just look at the grms, but ended up looking at EVERYTHING.
 Sunday we went to the Air and Space Museum in the morning.  It was the most crowded of the museums, and we pretty much skipped over the space stuff that we've seen here at home.
Who would put a camera on a chicken?

I'd like to do the Building Museum, the Newseum, the Air and Space Annex, and the Spy Museum at some point.

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