Monday, September 26, 2011

Walking the Walk

About three weeks ago the gentleman doing rides out at the Y after school program told me that they'd started a "walking club" after school. They were keeping track of laps around the track, and some kids were working toward the goal of participating in the Triangle Heart Walk at the end of the month (also sponsored by the YMCA).

Mostly motivated by "prizes," both Madeleine and Lily have been very dedicated walking club participants, doing as many as 13 to 18 laps PER DAY.

Since they worked on it so hard and told me of their plans, I signed us up for the heart walk. My work had a corporate team, so I just joined there. Ignoring threats of rain, we headed out to the RBC Center on Saturday.

Madeleine and Lily follow Mommy's stretch out routine.

We checked out the Y tent and didn't see any counselors from our school. The girls were a little disappointed, but another coworker brought her son who was only 3 days older, so chasing Gavin kept them entertained most of the walk.

We did the 1 mile and called it an afternoon because of the humidity.

Go Goodman Family!

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