Sunday, September 4, 2011

Confidence Goggles

When the girls started swimming lessons again in June, my goal for them was to be able to swim well enough to use the water slides at the pool by the end of the summer. This was their third series of 8 week lessons, and they did well. Madeleine was much more confident than Lily and was easily able to give the slide a go at her last lesson. Lily did as well, but on her second trip down she was scared and needed help. She didn't want to try it again.

We've tried goggles in the past, but they've never stayed on correctly and have been more headache than help. I bought really expensive ones last year thinking that they'd be different, but no luck. One pair actually rotted apart in the bag, so I had to throw them away. So I picked up a 3 pack at Rite Aid that was on sale for a couple dollars just in case.

Last week Lily saw them in the bag and asked if she could try them. Sure, why not. Well, since then Lily has been swimming like a fish (with and without goggles). She'll swim up to 12 feet entirely underwater and used the slides 5 times today. She calls them her "laser eyes."


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