Monday, September 19, 2011

Nature Girls

A couple weeks ago while cleaning up in the driveway, the girls asked me if I knew how to do any projects with "nature" items like basket weaving or with sticks.  Of course I said I did not.  So when I saw that Yates Mill was having a Harvest Festival featuring corn husk doll making, I knew we had to go.

 It was raining on and off all morning, but we trekked out anyway and made our way to the doll-making classroom as soon as possible.  Luckily there weren't many people in there, and we were able to get right in a session at the beginning.  They had some nice teenage girls helping out, so we were able to keep up and follow along. 
 Madeleine insisted on tying all her own knots.

Madeleine's angel had "feathered" wings.
 Lily chose the butterfly wings.
 Here Madeleine is braiting together strands of wheat to make a heart-shaped wreath.
Madeleine, Lily, and pal Leif make goodie bags to hold all their swag.

In addition to the crafts above, they also enjoyed learning about soap making, corn shelling, bread bowl carving, cane pole fishing, and listening to the Sandbox Band.  The only thing we didn't do was the gourd-painting, and I think we can do that on our own soon.  

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